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Solid state drive (SSD) technology is the newest storage media for laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and is even used in large scale enterprise storage equipment. SSDs are based on flash storage technology. Raid-SSD-Mobile Data Recovery services can recover data from these and other popular SSD brands:

If you don't see your brand of hard disk listed, don't worry, with the biggest data recovery R&D team in the world, Kroll Ontrack can develop a tool to recover your data.

Unlike hard disk drives, Solid State Drives store data in flash memory chips. This eliminates data loss due to mechanical or hardware damage, such as head crashes or motor defects.

Research shows low awareness of the technical complexity of SSD can jeopardise data availability. Data loss occurs with SSD storage devices because they are susceptible to damage to the flash chips and how data is stored on them. Here are some common failures with SSD drives:

  • Electronics component failure
  • Controller chip failure
  • Flash cell degradation
  • Data corruption due to power surges or failures
  • Damage to printed circuit boards
  • Damage to connectors

Additionally, SSD storage devices are susceptible to traditional data loss events such as human error, computer viruses, natural disasters, and software/programme corruption.

In addition to recovering data from the common sources of SSD failures, the Ontrack Data Recovery team can overcome technical challenges that are unique to SSD and flash technology, such as decoding complex SSD data structures for individual brands, specialised controller chips, and many other SSD specific issues.

We have developed data reconstruction programs that will identify, separate and reassemble your SSD memory so that your files or data will be able to be extracted.

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Madhan Krishnasamy
Rated 4.5/5 based on 1040 reviews

Excellent service. Rapid response. All data recovered on a badly damaged WD 500gb drive