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As organizations grow, they need secure & reliable network of storage devices (SAN - Storage Area Network) to store their business critical data either at data centers or at their own business premises. SAN failure can paralyze an organization from top to bottom. At this time of distress, Stellar assures you of recovering all your valuable business critical data from all SAN storage boxes.

With our own proprietary SAN data recovery techniques backed by specialized Research & Development team, state of the art infrastructure, we are able to recover data from any complex SAN failure data loss situation.

We follow the most scientific & industry best practices in providing SAN recovery services for all types of SAN having any number of different RAID configurations.

Reasons behind SAN failure:

  • Single or multiple disk failure
  • Data inaccessibility due to virus attack, bad sectors
  • Accidental deletion of data or reformat of volume
  • System crash due to logical or physical failure
  • Raid Consistency error
  • Array degrade
  • Physical damage due to natural disaster like fire, flood etc.

Tips to avoid further damage after SAN failure:

  • Do not panic. Turn off the affected SAN device.
  • Do not attempt to repair the failed device without checking health of individually attached devices.
  • Take immediate assistance of specialized SAN data recovery professionals

We follow the follows the most appropriate & scientific recovery approach to ensure upto 100% data recovery.

Customer's Review review hard disk recovery in chennai

Madhan Krishnasamy
Rated 4.5/5 based on 1040 reviews

Excellent service. Rapid response. All data recovered on a badly damaged WD 500gb drive