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With every step towards technology advancement, a sharp increase in the number of misuse of high-end computer technology has been noticed. Stellar has realized these facts as major setbacks and serious threats to the growth and development of enterprises.

Our forensic services stand much above that of the common computer forensic analysts. Our forensic expertise coupled with cutting edge technology and experienced professionals enable us to successfully solve many computer forensic cases.

With systematic and scientific approach, Stellar takes a maximum of 8 business days to study, investigate, analyze and report a case. Reliability and timeliness being our defining adjectives, all your original documents of the case are carefully stored in our secure vaults.

Confidentiality and data security being our foremost priority, Stellar Computer Forensic shares a trusted and friendly relation with all its clients.


After having a short conversation with you about your requirements and our procedure, we connect you with a forensic research specialist.

We assign unique job ID to your case and develop a good study plan to start the investigation.

  • Identify sources of digital evidence
  • Preserve the evidence
  • Analyze the evidence
  • Present the findings

You will be personally advised about the opportunities and requirements for the concrete execution of a good research and the expected results. Stellar Data Forensics ensures that the conclusions made in the investigation connects correctly with the findings and does not leave room for any other interpretations.

We submit detail report that describes the findings and conclusions in an easy and understandable way.

Each case is treated confidentially and all original media, documents and data are carefully stored in our secure vaults.

Our researchers are able to study on:

  • Industrial espionage
  • E-mail exchanges
  • Leaking information
  • Work time on the Internet
  • Breaking of network, also known as hacking.
  • Unauthorized copy files, print and / or removing and servers and (mobile) computers